Lama RC Helicopter Worth Your Investment

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In case you hadn't noticed, 2005 is the year of the micro electric helicopter. Not to be left out of the fun, Hobby Lobby has tossed the E-Sky Co-Co Lama RC helicopter into the ring. The Lama RC helicopter is a dual rotor coaxial heli meant primarily for indoors. If you think you have seen this heli before, well, you kinda have.

The Co-Co Lama RC helicopter could not be more RTF RC helicopter. I pulled out the helicopter, popped in transmitter batteries and plugged in the flight battery. That was it! Everything you need is included in the box. There is nothing to assemble and there are no settings to adjust. Just plug and fly. There was plenty of charge on our Li-Poly battery so up it went!

The Co-Co Lama RC helicopter comes with a 72mHz 4-channel transmitter (so pin up if you are flying this at a regulated flying field!). The transmitter has a lighted display which indicates battery consumption. In addition, the transmitter can be converted from Mode 1 flying to Mode 2. Not bad for an inexpensive leisure craft.

The battery charger is a dual-use system. You can plug the charge box into your 12 volt ?gel cell? or just plug it into the wall. The 2-cell lithium polymer battery gives the Co-Co Lama RC helicopter plenty of power (we tested at 5,250 feet in Denver) and plenty of duration. Flight times will range from 5-9 minutes

The Co-Co Lama RC helicopter could not be easier in terms of setup and initial flight. In this respect, the Co-Co Lama RC helicopter performed just as well as the Megatech House-Fly. In terms of appearance, however, the Co-Co Lama RC helicopter lacked a bit of the detail and pizzaz of the House-Fly. The tail is stark white and the canopy sported a rough decal set. Unlike the House-Fly, the Co-Co Lama RC helicopter electronics are in full view through the canopy. The antenna is neatly coiled inside the canopy and we left it like that. We never experienced any interference or range issues. One of the features we really liked was the snap in? Battery tray that provided easy access.

  I like the low price of the RC helicopter on online marketplace like Topons for either novices or experts, who are looking for indoor R/C entertainment. Expect from the Co-Co Lama RC helicopter what it was designed to deliver; namely, a stable platform for learning, but nothing aggressive. If you do, you will find the Co-Co Lama well worth the investment.

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Lama RC Helicopter Worth Your Investment

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