The Walkera Dragonfly 22e - Beginners Choice - Veterans Recommendation

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The general consensus might have been that RC helicopters were not the easiest thing to learn to fly, and in many ways that assumption was right.  But these days with the technology available in models like the Walkera Dragonfly 22e, it is easier to fly one than ever before.

High Tech Yet Simple to Fly

The receiver, gyro and servo are all incorporated into one control board using the latest technology make it a high performing controller that is simple to operate, even if you are a beginner.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the cost is comparable to less capable fixed pitch models while providing the high performance capabilities of much more expensive models.

The 22e RC helicopter is a newly designed 6 channel 3D CCPM (Cyclic-Collective-Pitch-Mixing) that’s fully able to perform 3D aerobatics.

It is shipped completely assembled with every pre-flight adjustment already done.  It’s just simply taking it out of its package, charge and insert the batteries and you’re ready for take off.

Learning Curve

If you buy a new RC helicopter, whether you’re an experienced flyer or just getting started, there is going to be a learning curve of some sort. It’s just the nature of learning new things. Granted the experienced flyer will probably cruise through the curve more quickly than a beginner, but that too, is the nature of learning new things.

Then there is the 22e that was designed to be easier with the beginner in mind. Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a learning curve, but it should be reduced for sure. To ensure that you get flying as soon as possible not only is the 22e just easy to fly there is also a manual that comes with it that covers a variety of issues that you’ll want to know.

This manual provides you some important instructions, like the ones listed here:

  • Maintaining your helicopter and keeping it in good condition, extending it’s expected “life” to fly it longer.
  • Getting off the launch pad:  Configure the transmitter and helicopter.
  • Basics of landing a helicopter.
  • Basics of Flying and Flight school.
  • Replacing  parts.
  • Enjoying your helicopter: Keeping safety number one.
  • Troubleshooting

22e Specifics

A 6 channel CP Helicopter (Collective Pitch) that is entry level, designed and produced by Walkera with adaptive tail motor design.  With a motor driven tail it can provide an advantage for a beginner, with much less rudder servo, it’s just one less thing to worry about.

General Specifications:

  • The main rotor dia. is 22 inches
  • The tail rotor dia. is 6 inches
  • The height at the highest point is 7 inches
  • The weight is 13 ounces w/battery


  • Comes standard with a 110V Wall Charger
  • Repair and assembly kit provided
  • Extra pair of Main Blades – for free
  • Increased Gyro sensitivity and adj. for simpler flying
  • Strong carbon frame reduces the possibility of damage
  • Auto-pilot function included
  • Much, much more….

So you’re ready to get started? If you are then you can’t go wrong with the Walkera Dragonfly 22e. It is reliable, easy to fly and has some advanced features that you can put to use as your skills improve without having to buy another helicopter.

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If you're new to flying RC helicopters you can get some really helpful tips and suggestions before you buy a Walkera RC Helicopter.

There are alot of Walkera  RC helicopter models available like the Walkera Dragonfly 22e find out why it's one of their best selling models.

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The Walkera Dragonfly 22e - Beginners Choice - Veterans Recommendation

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The Walkera Dragonfly 22e - Beginners Choice - Veterans Recommendation

This article was published on 2011/09/14