What Is Helicopter Courier Service?

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Most people are only familiar with a few of the different types of delivery services that are actually available to them. For instance, most people in a big city will be familiar with bike messengers, as these are often used to make small deliveries within the downtown center of any major city. Almost everyone is used to using a package carrier to make medium sized deliveries across town, or across the country. However, one type of delivery service that many people have not encountered is the helicopter courier.

Many courier companies have a helicopter that they use as a part of their delivery company. Larger courier companies will often have helicopters as part of their own fleet. Smaller companies will still often have a helicopter company that they do business with so that they can subcontract out jobs as they require. Helicopters actually comprise a much larger part of the delivery industry than many people realize.

Helicopters become the vehicle of choice when a delivery needs to be completed more quickly than any other vehicle can manage. The helicopter has a number of advantages which make it the fastest possible delivery vehicle in many situations. They aren't tied to the same type of scheduling restrictions like airlines are, aren't held to the roads and traffic like a car, and move at a speed much faster than any ground vehicle, if not as fast as an airline.

Business and medical courier companies make use of helicopters on a regular basis to deliver their goods. Helicopter shipping is much more expensive than regular shipping, due to the costs of fuel, the vehicle, and the expertise required in the pilot. However, large hospitals and big companies sometimes use this type of service so often that they actually pay to have private helicopter landing facilities installed on their site. This makes it possible for them to get the best possible helicopter courier service because they don't need to rely on a ground vehicle to make one of the stages of the delivery.

Most major cities will have one, if not several companies that are offering helicopter courier service. These are often emergency services. What this means is that you can usually call and order an immediate pickup. If you don't have a helicopter landing facility, a ground vehicle will come directly to your location to make the pickup and to take the package to helicopter. Scheduled services are more commonly sent by ground than air.
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What Is Helicopter Courier Service?

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This article was published on 2011/02/03